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Pool Openings

Pool Stars expertly trained staff will have your pool open and ready in no time. Call for your opening appointments early to ensure you are ready for your Memorial Day weekend!

Expert Pool Openings

Pool Stars can get you ready for warm weather. We provide expert pool openings, as well as pool-opening services including pool clean-ups, equipment replacement and repairs, and weekly maintenance. Call our office today for pricing and appointments.

Our opening services include:

  • Removal and folding of winter cover

  • Unplugging of all lines

  • Connecting all filter system plumbing and equipment

  • Starting of the pool with inspection for leaks at equipment

  • Installation of any ladders or handrails

  • Initial shock treatment

  • Inspection of pool and equipment

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Dive Into Spring!

A long cold winter will leave your pool less than ready for swimming in the spring. Pool Stars can get your pool open, running and one step closer to being ready for that first warm day. Let us take the worry out of being ready for those Memorial Day BBQs.

Book your opening appointment early and let Pool Stars take care of the rest. You can even have us take care of that big spring clean-up! Hire us to vacuum your pool after you’ve opened. We use our equipment; so no running all that winter debris through your system.

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