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Swimming Pool Supplies

Gone are the days of green or cloudy water. Bioguard’s line of high-quality products will work efficiently to keep your pool clean and clear, no matter the size. With on-site computerized water testing, Pool Stars is your exclusive Platinum Bioguard dealer, with a full inventory of products available. Bioguard treatment products are highly effective in balancing your pool water and in preventing green or cloudy pools. Composed of four simple steps, your pool chemistry will be reduced to just minutes a week.

  • Sanitizer to control bacterial growth

  • Shock to destroy contaminant

  • Preventive algaecide to stop algae growth before it starts

  • Water enhancer to keep water sparkling clear

Pool Stars carries a wide range of chemicals, maintenance tools, toys and floats.

Call our office for details on products and delivery options. 

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