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Pool Maintenance

Pool Stars can make owning a pool easy. Our weekly maintenance program will take the worry out of making sure your pool is clean and safe for swimming. Our on site water testing services will help keep your water balanced without a trip to the store.

Give us a call for maintenance contract details

*Available in select locations only

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pool Stars provides professional weekly pool maintenance. Tired of spending your weekends cleaning the pool and testing the water? Let us do it for you so you can spend your time by the pool enjoying it.

From cleaning to water testing, we perform complete swimming pool maintenance.

Pool Stars will send a maintenance expert to your pool weekly. Our weekly swimming pool service includes:

  • Thorough vacuuming

  • Cleaning the skimmers

  • Cleaning the filter

  • Brushing of the pool walls and stairs

  • Water testing and chemical adjustments

  • Full systems check

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On-Site Water Testing

Tired of heading to the store, waiting in long lines and lugging around heavy chemicals? Let us do it for you. We can send our expert team to perform computerized water testing, pool side. We will test your water, email your chemical application directions, and leave your needed chemicals right on site. 

What could be easier?

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