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Professional Pool Closings

Pool Stars performs reliable swimming pool closings in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Contact us!

We have a team of experienced swimming pool technicians who will take care of properly winterizing your pool

Protecting Your Pool

Pool Stars is an expert at protecting your swimming pool for the winter season. Properly winterizing your pool lines and equipment and securely covering your pool is imperative before the cold sets in.

Our expert team of technicians will ensure your pool is safely winterized to prevent snow, ice and freezing temperatures from posing a potentially costly risk to your pool. Let us take the worry out of winter! Call our office today for pricing and appointments.

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Closing Steps:

For swimming pool closings, Pool Stars follows standard rules and a step by step process. This includes:

  • Winterization of all underground plumbing

  • Removal of pool pump and salt system (when able)

  • Draining of filter tank

  • Cleaning of DE grids or cartridges (where applicable)

  • Winterization of heater

  • Removal of poolside accessories (ladder, handrails)

  • Addition of winterizing shock treatment

  • Covering of pool

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