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Swimming Pool Supplies

Pool Stars carries the highest quality swimming pool supplies.

We are specialists in clear pools! We can even bring our services to you with on-site water testing (in select areas only)

Swimming Pool Supplies

Gone are the days of green or cloudy water. Bioguard’s line of high-quality products will work efficiently to keep your pool clean and clear, no matter the size. With free in-store computerized water testing, Pool Stars is your exclusive Platinum Bioguard dealer, with a full inventory of products in store. Bioguard treatment products are highly effective in balancing your pool water and in preventing green or cloudy pools. Composed of four simple steps, your pool chemistry will be reduced to just minutes a week.

  • Sanitizer to control bacterial growth
  • Shock to destroy contaminant
  • Preventive algaecide to stop algae growth before it starts
  • Water enhancer to keep water sparkling clear

Swimming Pool Equipment

When you are ready for more from your pool Pool Stars is here to help. We carry an extensive line of premium products to create the most indulgent pool experience. Soak in a warm pool on a nippy September night, give your yard a whole new look with a new in-ground pool liner, give yourself a piece of mind through the winter season with a safety cover. Upgrade your pool experience with a salt generator. Easier to maintain, with luxurious soft water, they are easy to operate and do not rely on dangerous chlorine pucks for sanitation.

Looking to save a little money on your pool operation? Let Pool Stars upgrade you to an energy efficient pool pump, and modernize your pool pad for maximum flow efficiency, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each season.

Upgrade your pool experience

Pool Stars offers a wide variety of equipment, with or without installation, including:

  • Pool Pumps (including energy efficient versions)
  • Pool Heaters (both electric and gas)
  • Pool Filters
  • Salt Generators
  • In Ground Liners
  • Safety Covers

Take care of your pool with our services!